Product information

Dear customers,

We always strive to offer you the most innovative products. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you about some further developments of our decors.

HGS 2801 Pure White -> HGS 2801P Pure White

We have invested a lot of time and energy in the identical adjustment of this decor. Despite the highest quality awareness, we cannot give a 100% guarantee, but we can say with confidence that you personally will not see any difference, neither in surface nor in color.
To avoid inconvenience, we recommend that you only use the new material for new orders.
The decors HGS 2801 Pure White and HGN 0801 Pure White are available for reorders only 1 month directly through our office.

As of March 1st, the following decors are no longer available in the TZ Designbox:
– HGS 2801 Pure White
– HGN 0801 Pure White
The following material serves as replacement:
– HGS 2801P Pure White

New TZ Designbox areas:

The decor HGN 0504 Olive Tree has expired and is no longer available!

We ask for your understanding!
Your TZ team