Company History

Year Happening
1987 “Tischlerei Glaser” was founded by Erich Glaser.
1988 “Glaser & Co. Tischlergesellschaft m.b.H.” was established.
1990 The production site with a size of 800m² was built in Spannberg, Neugasse 36.
1994 The size of the production site was extended to 2700m².
1999 The product line was extended with the production of vacuum crimped forming fronts.
2002 As a result of the strong demand in the carpenter branch and forming fronts sector our company recruited 40 employees which were assisted by 3 CNC controlled HOMAG woodworking machines. In September of the same year TZ Tischlerzentrum GesmbH gets founded.
2003 Our BARGSTEDT stock for panels and our HOLZMA panel saw were commissioned for the first time. Moreover, the production got extended by 1050m².
2004 On April 17th, 2004, the production hall was blessed by pastor Padre Karl Seethaler within a big ceremony. More than 600 visitors came to celebrate together with us. For entertainment we’ve organized the cabaretist Karl Pfeifer and the wonderful country singer Tina Rauch.
2005 Our Production area got extended again by more than 1566m².
2006 In January 2006 our 13m long HOMAG edgebanding machine, which is usable for handling 1-2mm thick aluminum edges became operative. In the mid of the year the high gloss senosan® was incorporated in our program.
2007 In April 2007 our new featured show room was proudly opened. At the end of the year the first senosan® high gloss panels were manufactured.
2009 Our 44m long FRIZ lamination line for senosan® high gloss foils became operative.
2012 We expand into Asia and establish our production site called TZ Bandung in Bandung/Indonesia in April 2012. The facility includes a full lamination line and machines for the further processing like a edgebanding- and a Preforming-machine.
2013 In January of 2013 TZ opens the first facility in Australia: TZ Sydney North has it’s own edgebanding machine and takes over the final processing of cuttings.
2014 The TZ company group in Asia is growing and will now be supported by the in March founded TZ Philippines production location.
2015 Founding of the production sites TZ Mumbai (India) and TZ Iran in February and December and opening of our planning office TZ North America (Montréal/Canada) in September.
2016 Acquisition of an additional production hall in Zistersdorf (Austria).